Learn How to Increase Vertical Jump with Few Simple Steps


There are a lot of trainings and websites which would teach you how to increase vertical jump. With increasing not only the height of your jump but also the strength of it, this will help you in your performance in sports like basketball and volleyball. Your flexibility will improve along with your jump but you need to be focused on the training and the exercises. And there are only few steps you need to follow in this training.


The first step you need to do is to measure your vertical jump before you undergo the training. You can complete this task with the help of a friend. Mark your current jump height in order for you to have a basis for your training. With a basis, you will find out the results of your training better and from there, you will know what more you need to have better results. This is why as you do your training, make sure to measure your jump from time to time to track the effectiveness of your training.


There are simply exercises you can do that could teach you how to increase vertical jump. The first you could try is to jump rope. This simple exercise will help you strengthen them muscles on your calves which you also need for your vertical jump. Make sure to perform this exercise on a hard floor with a lot of room for you to move. Do this regularly for 15 minutes daily. Upon your improvement, increase the speed of your jumps. You can also alternate the exercise from one-by-one hops to feel-together jumps.


Another exercise you could do is to do squats. This will be effective on your body’s lower half including your abdomen, back and core muscles. Start with the basic kind and do 3 sets daily. You can improve these exercises by adding weight. After getting comfortable with weights you could also try to squat jump. Experts say that this is one way on how to increase vertical jump and strengthening your calves.


Finally before your time to measure your jump, make sure to practice your jumps few days before the day. Do not overdo the jump though and make it as part of your training. And imagine your jump too for motivation.